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systemausfall.org is a free platform for world optimization, administered by sense.lab e.V. Our motivation is to provide activists the necessary tools to make a better world for everyone. We support all movements with emancipatory character - approaches which promote exclusion and oppression are condemned and we reject cooperation.

systemausfall.org is autonomous, uncommercial and self-organized. That's why we use only free software.

Your privacy is important to us. Therefore, we generally only offer encrypted access to our services and do not store any personal data. At the same time, we want to encourage our users to encrypt their mail traffic and their data. We want to promote a self-conscious and critical approach to digital tools. With systemausfall.org you have the possibility to implement your ideas by simple means. If you like our concept and you want to use systemausfall.org, then look here: How to set up an account.

The financing of systemausfall.org is by the way completely donation-based. You can find more information here. We are open to further proposals. So if you need a specific tool, please let us know!