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software for a kiosk-mode browser with webcam



A simple python-based web ticker generator. The most common use is probably a live-ticker documenting real-life events or actions to a broad audience.


The output is fully customizable via a simple html template.

Read the README file for details.


This is the further development of the original ezmlm-web.

ezmlm-web is a web interface for the ezmlm mailing list manager.


The CryptoBox-Project allows you to store your private data on an encrypting fileserver. You just need to put the bootable live-CD into an old computer and configure your personal CryptoBox within seconds. Your data is safe, as soon as you pull the plug.

abandoned projects


This set of shell scripts helps you to manage an open wireless network:

This package is even more useful when combined with fairspeed.


A tool that helps you manage your website.

systemausfall.org is an example for a plan_kalkuel website.


This is a set of shell scripts that can help you to manage a dial-up connection (not a flatrate) for more than one computer.


With a little bit of effort, you can deploy it on an embedded system.

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