Actions for Claws-Mail

Claws is GTK-based mail client offering lots of features and allowing broad customization.

Actions are used for executing specific actions with regards to one or more mails.

Actions can be defined via Configuration -> Actions .... They can be executed in Extras -> Execute action.

Import Autocrypt key

Autocrypt aims to standardize some characteristics of how mail clients deal with mail encryption (e.g. automatic exchange of public keys).

Mail clients supporting automatic key exchange embed the public key of the sender in each message as part of the Autocrypt header. The following action parses this header and imports the contained key into the gpg keyring.

cat "%f" | python3 -c 'import base64, email, sys; raw_mail = email.message_from_string(; [sys.stdout.buffer.write(base64.b64decode(item.split("=", 1)[1])) for item in raw_mail.get("Autocrypt", "").replace("\n ", "").split("; ") if item.startswith("keydata=")]' | gpg --import

Decrypt inline GPG mail

Decrypt the content of an inline-encrpyted mail and visualize the result in the mail window.

*gpg --no-tty --command-fd 0 --passphrase-fd 0 --decrypt %p|

Show Encryption Key IDs

Sometimes the sender picks the wrong target key while encrypting a mail. The following action visualizes the IDs of the keys used for encrypting the message.

cat %p | gpg --batch --decrypt --list-only --status-fd 1 2>/dev/null | awk '/^\[GNUPG:\] ENC_TO / { print $3 }' | while read keyid; do echo "$keyid"; gpg --list-keys "$keyid"; echo; done

Import GPG key

Import the plain gpg from a mail text or attachment.

gpg --import %p

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