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This document describes briefly how to install Debian GNU/Linux on a Medion MD9703 notebook which realy is a FIC A360. According to this page the MD9703 is similar to the Gericom 1st Supersonic M6T.



It's easier to specify all things that don't work. Here you go.


Suspend to RAM isn't available (cat /sys/power/state doesn't lists mem) - I think it's a problem with DSDT


With the output of scanModem utility I figured out that the modem has an Intel MD563X-HaM chipset. Information about Linux driver can be found here. Unfortunately it doesn't work with 2.6.x kernel versions.


The installation of Debian Etch (with Debian Installer snapshot 06/29/06) worked smoothly. You only have to download a CD image and burn it. Start your notebook, boot from CD by pressing Esc and follow the installers instructions.
Some important points and how I took my choice:

That's it. Reboot and login.


My x-server runs with standard configuration. This is my xorg.conf.

With xserver-xorg-video-ati (1: and hardware acceleration enabled I have several problems:


The touchpad runs out of the box. If you want to configure it to your needs just install a tool like gsynaptics.

special keys

There are three special keys above the keyboard. I used Gnome's keyboard shortcuts utility to configure them.



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