Actually Duke Nukem 3D is a classical DOS game. But some years ago 3DReamls published the game's source code under the GPL. Some projects started to play around with it and released their improved versions of Duke. This turotial describes how to build and install JFDuke3D under Debian GNU/Linux. I'm sure for all other Linux distribution it's the same procedure - so let's start.

Quick and dirty

  1. Get JFBuild source code 20051009

  2. Extract it to $DIRECTORY
  3. Change JFBuild's directory name to build

  4. Get the sound patch

  5. Copy the patch to build and change to this directory

  6. Apply the patch:

    patch -p1 < jfbuild_src_20051009.patch
  7. Get FMOD 3.75 Programmers API

  8. Extract FMOD
  9. Change to the FMOD directory and after that to api

  10. Copy libfmod-3.75.so to /usr/local/lib

  11. Create a symlink:

    ln -s /usr/local/lib/libfmod-3.75.so /usr/local/lib/libfmod.so
  12. Copy all the contents from FMOD's inc directory to /usr/local/include

  13. Maybe you need some libraries to build it:

    apt-get install libsdl1.2-dev libsdl-mixer1.2-dev nasm
  14. Change back to the JFBuild directory and build it with make
  15. Continue if this results in success
  16. Get JFDuke3D source code 20051009

  17. Extract it to $DIRECTORY
  18. Get the other part of the sound patch

  19. Copy the patch to the JFDuke3D directory and change to it
  20. Apply it:

    patch -p1 < jfduke3d_src_20051009.patch
  21. Build it with make
  22. If this results in success you need to copy duke3d.grp from a real Duke Nukem installation to your JFDuke3D directory:

    1. Either you have an original CD or you can use a shareware version from here

    2. You need to install DosBox:

      apt-get install dosbox
    3. Start dosbox and install Duke
    4. After the installation you can shut down dosbox
    5. Change to the Duke installation directory from dosbox and copy DUKE3D.GRP to the JFDuke3D directory - the file name have to be lowercase: duke3d.grp

  23. Change to the JFDuke3D directory and start the game:

  24. Your hear sound but no music?

    apt-get install timidity freepats

Want to know what you are doing?

There are several versions of Duke3D for Linux. I didn't had success to build the one from icculus so I tried JFDuke3D.

You need JonoF's Build Engine Port or JFBuild to compile the game. To compile JFBuild you need FMOD 3.75 Programmers API that doesn't come as a Debian package.

Because there are some troubles with sound output on Linux you need to patch JFDuke3D and JFBuild. After all this steps and installation of some dev-packages from Debian you can start to build JFDuke3D.

Finally you need to copy the data file from a real Duke3D installation to you JFDuke3D directory. That's it.


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