How to install Debian_on_IBM_T23


This page explains how to install Ubuntu 6.10, code named Edgy Eft, on IBM Thinkpad T23. This is not exactly spectacular, because the installer makes it really easy and nearly everything works out of the box.

Only some small issues are worth to mention:


Thinkwiki gives you an overview about the Thinkpad's hardware. My notebook comes with this features:

Firmware Updates

The notebooks firmware was outdated. Unfortunately most of the update utilities are for Windoze. Either you install Windoze just to update the firmware or you can follow the steps at to do the update without Windoze.

Firmware I updated:

Install Ubuntu

Grep an iso image from Ubuntu. I used the alternate install disk because I like the text mode installer more and it gives me more freedom. The installation itself is really simple. Just put the disk in your drive switch on your notebook, press F12 to boot from CDROM and follow the instructions.

Partition disks

I created a separate partition for home. Thereby I can encrypt my whole home later.

Name    Flags   Part Type  FS Type               [Label]    Size (MB)
hda1    Boot    Primary    Linux ext3            [/]         6999,72
hda5            Logical    Linux Swap / Solaris               764,96
hda6            Logical    Linux ext3            [/home]    32292,45



The internal MiniPCI Modem Card works with the ltmodem driver. You need to install linux-restricted-modules-2.6.17-10-386 from the restricted repository. After that and a reboot your modem is accessible at /dev/ttyLTM0.

Enabling the root account

In some cases it is more secure with root account enabled. Follow the steps at Ubuntu Wiki to activate it. My first user still has superuser privileges with sudo.


Firefox crashes after installing Flash plugin

This is bug 69935. Change color depth of your x-server to 24 bit.

Network Manager doesn't start

I installed Network Manager but it doesn't appear in the notification area. I figured out that this has to do with bug 37128. Running sudo gtk-update-icon-cache -f /usr/share/icons/hicolor/ fixed my problem.

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