HP Proliant servers usually contain a hardware-based RAID controller (e.g. P420i controller). The description below explains how to disable the RAID modes of this controller and use the attached disks directly (e.g. for software-based RAID).

You may want to avoid using a hardware-based RAID controller for some reason:

Disabling the RAID controller is not trivial:

There are some downsides when configuring the controller for HBA mode (pass-through):

Configure the controller for HBA mode (pass-through)

The above configuration change is permanent, until you reconfigure the controller again (e.g. with hbamode=off).

Booting without the RAID controller

The Proliant BIOS and/or the RAID controller have the following limitations with regard to the boot medium:

Various hints

Firmware Upgrades

HP offers firmware upgades only as rpm packages. Thus Debian users will need to download the packages manuall and convert them via alien before installation:

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