Konica Minolta (bizhub) C360 printer


The driver distributed by Konica Minolta (from 2011-11-08) uses Postscript to communicate with the printer.

Sadly this driver only works for Cups's printing test page. Other input (from LibreOffice or others) can cause the printer to reboot. If you are slightly less lucky then the printer will just hang infinitely and ignore any further network communication or direct input via its touchscreen.

Thus it seems that the Postscript interpreter of that printer implements only a small subset of the postscript language properly.


The most basic solution is to use the generic PCL 6 driver shipped with Cups.

Generic PCL 6/PCL XL Printer Foomatic/plxcolor


The most important features are working:

Probably you will want to choose automatic as the default paper feed. Otherwise the manual input tray on the right side of the printer is be selected by default.

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